What are the welding types of stainless steel BA tubes?

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For us, it's time to learn stainless steel tubes again. Now we'll introduce some new knowledge so that we can get a deeper understanding of stainless steel welding pipes. The following main introduction of stainless steel pipe welding form.

The welding methods commonly used in stainless steel BA tubes are manual welding, MMA for short, metal pole gas protection welding and tungsten extremely inert gas protection welding, metal pole gas protection welding (MIG/MAG), tungsten extremely inert gas protection welding (TIG).

Method 1: Hand welding.

It is widely used and easy to operate. It is mainly regulated by people. Welding fillers are weld strips. Hand welding can weld almost all materials, even outdoors, so it has good adaptability. Dc welding is generally used.

The electrode can be a titanium electrode or a sealed electrode. Titanium electrode is easy to weld, welds are beautiful, weld slag is easy to remove. However, the disadvantage is that if not used for a long time, it must be re-baked to prevent moisture build-up.

Method 2: Gas protection metal pole arc welding.

It belongs to the gas protection welding, is also a kind of arc welding, that is, under the protective gas, the electrode is melted by the arc. Can be used for high alloy steel, low alloy steel gas protection welding. But one thing, its protective gas must be an active gas, such as carbon dioxide or a mixture of gases. The disadvantage is that if welding is carried out outdoors, the work item cannot be moistureed, otherwise it will affect the protection effect of the protective gas.

Method three: Tungsten extremely inert gas protection welding.

Tungsten wire and workware between the arc, the need for pure tantalum as a protective gas, welding wire without electricity. Therefore, it can be sent manually, mechanically, or sometimes not. Then whether it uses DC or AC depends on the welding material.

Tungsten extremely inert gas protection welding (TIG) is mainly used in welding thin, medium-thick work parts, a wide range of materials, including alloy steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, cast iron, nickel, silver, titanium and lead.

1, micro-plasma method to produce high-precision ultra-thin stainless steel welding pipe.

The use of micro-plasma method to produce high-precision ultra-thin stainless steel welding pipe, the production of stainless steel welding pipe outside the weld bright and smooth, the internal weld flat and dense, burr height does not exceed a certain range. The use of cold-rolled process can solve the problem of the elliptical outer diameter is too large, improve product quality. If heat treated, it performs the same as a seamless tube.

2, the automotive industry with high-strength stainless steel welding pipe.

Depending on the use and requirements, in addition to good quenchability, toughness and fatigue performance, different heat treatment methods can be used to obtain high strength. The strength level of this weld pipe is 561mpa, 637mpa, 980mpa, etc.

3, stainless steel BA pipe welding pipe raw material requirements.

The raw material requirements for precision stainless steel welding pipes include:

Raw material requirements: must meet the basic requirements of ordinary welded stainless steel pipe raw materials.

Chemical composition: to improve the purity of steel, reduce the content of non-metallic debris, sulfur, phosphorus content should be less than 0.03%, sulfur content should not exceed 0.02%. In addition, elements such as Nb, Ni, and V can be added to improve the aesthetic performance of the weld pipe.

Strip shape size: improve the thickness, precision, strength and toughness of the strip, improve the plate accuracy. Improve the surface quality of the steel belt, no burrs and welding edges.


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