The cost of stainless steel precision tyches in the production of mechanical equipment.

2020-10-19 16:31:07 Jcc123 81

The cost analysis of the full life cycle of precision stainless steel pipe products makes the description of cold-rolled precision stainless steel pipe material conform to the impact of the cost of the whole project in the future, calculate the actual monetary value, and the inconvenience of maintenance and replacement in the future. Experience has shown that the cost of future maintenance and associated downtime is much higher than the initial cold-rolled precision stainless steel pipe material.

The first step is to quantify the selection of cold-rolled precision stainless steel tubes, which will inevitably affect the company or cold-rolled precision stainless steel pipe customers' overall financial plans. In general, longer life requirements lead to higher operating costs. For example, in cold-rolled precision stainless steel pipe engineering, the life cycle cost method is used if a galvanized carbon steel walkway is selected. The initial cost of galvanized carbon steel pipes is low, but it is easy to corrode, maintenance costs increase and service life is short.

The detection of precision stainless steel tubes should be made with ultrasonic detectors, probes, standard samples and auxiliary rib equipment to ensure constant detection parameters (incoming angle, scanning spacing, etc.). The technical indicators should meet the technical conditions of the national pulse-reflected ultrasonic detector.


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