Heat treatment of stainless steel precision pipes.

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In the heat treatment of stainless steel precision pipe, the protection gas non-oxidation continuous heat treatment furnace is widely used abroad for intermediate heat treatment and finished heat treatment. Since the surface light is not oxidized, the traditional pickering process is eliminated. Using this heat treatment process not only improves the quality of steel pipes, but also overcomes the pollution of acid washing to the environment. According to the development trend of the world, the bright continuous heat treatment furnace can be divided into three types.

(1) Roll bottom light heat treatment furnace. The furnace is suitable for heat treatment of large and large steel pipes with an hourly output greater than 1.0t. The protective gases that can be used are high purity hydrogen, ammonia decomposition and other protective gases. A reflow cooling system can be configured to quickly cool steel pipes.

(2) Mesh-type light heat treatment furnace. The furnace is suitable for small diameter thin-walled precision steel pipe, the hourly output of about 0.3-1.0t, steel pipe length of up to 40m, can also be processed into curly capillary tube. It has a t-flow cooling system for rapid cooling. When heated with gas fuel or electricity, a variety of protective gases can be used. After heat treatment, the steel pipe is free of scratches and has good brightness.

(3) The steel pipe of the Mav tube light heat treatment furnace is mounted on a continuous support and heated in the Mafu furnace. Can process high-quality small diameter thin-walled steel pipe, low cost, hourly output is greater than 0.3T, protect gas use economy, heat source can use gas, oil or electricity.


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