What's wrong with the uneassisted thickness of the stainless steel BA tube?

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Sometimes the thickness of stainless steel BA tubes is uneven, which is related to raw materials. How to deal with stainless steel BA pipe wall thickness is not equal? Is there any good way to solve this problem?

In general, stainless steel BA pipe wall thickness is not equal, mainly manifested in spiral wall thickness, linear wall thickness, head and tail wall thickness and too thin. The effect of rolling process adjustment is an important factor leading to the unequity of the wall thickness of the finished stainless steel BA pipe. For example, the reasons for the uneven thickness of the spiral wall are as follows:

1) Due to irregular perforation machine rolling line, two roll inclination is not equal or the top head pressure is too small adjustment reasons, resulting in uneven wall thickness.

2) In the process of stainless steel BA pipe rolling, due to premature opening of the middle roller, improper adjustment of the middle roller, top rod vibration and other reasons caused by uneven wall thickness, generally along the length of the steel pipe spiral distribution.

Stainless steel BA tube.

The measures that can be taken are as follows:

1) Adjust the rolling line of the perforation machine so that the inclination of the two rollers is equal, and adjust the rolling mill according to the parameters given on the rolling table.

2) For both cases, adjust the opening time of the centring roller according to the exit speed of the stainless steel BA tube. In the rolling process, the heart-set roller should not be opened too early, so as not to shake the top bar, resulting in an unealed wall thickness. The opening degree of the centring roller should be adjusted according to the change of the diameter of the tube, and the size of the hair tube beat should be considered.


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