What are the special requirements for the installation of stainless steel light pipes?

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Stainless steel light pipe is different from ordinary carbon steel fittings, its installation method is basically the same, but in some processes there are some special requirements. The main points are as follows:

1, stainless steel light pipe lifting, not allowed to direct contact with other metals, should be added to wood, rubber plate and other non-metallic materials.

2, stainless steel light pipe arc, stop arc, arc should be used back welding, and the arc pit filled. Arcing must be done in the slot. It is prohibited to arc or arc on the surface of the pipe and pipe master. If pores and cracks are found at the starting and stopping arc points, they should be cleaned up in a timely manner.

3, stainless steel light pipe multi-layer welding start, stop arc point should be staggered.

4, stainless steel light pipe, pipe, elbow, t-way, and stainless steel pipe, pipe and non-stainless steel pipe, pipe connection, welding docking should be coated primer. Before welding, argon protection should be filled in pipes and cavities, followed by tungsten pole arc welding.

5, stainless steel pipe material continuous welding, inter-layer temperature should not exceed 60 degrees C.

6, stainless steel light pipe, pipe parts positioning welding, the inside of the weld should be filled with protection.

7, not allowed to use ordinary grinding wheel cutting stainless steel pipe, should use special grinding wheel or plasma cutting.

8, stainless steel light pipe welding, the weld at the joint should be acid wash passivation treatment.

9, stainless steel pipe water pressure test on water temperature and water quality has certain requirements, water temperature is not less than 5 degrees C, the content of chloride ions in the water is not greater than 25mm.


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