A519 Gr. 4130 steel pipe.

Release time:2020-11-11 16:28:19

(ASTM A519 Gr. 4130/AISI 4130, Q.T.1. A519 Gr. 4130 steel pipe.l Steel mills: Hunan Henggang, Hubei Xinye Steel.l Material grade: 4130 80K conditioning.l Certificate: EN10204-3.2 Certificate ABS Class

(ASTM A519 Gr. 4130/AISI 4130, Q.T.

1. A519 Gr. 4130 steel pipe.

l Steel mills: Hunan Henggang, Hubei Xinye Steel.

l Material grade: 4130 80K conditioning.

l Certificate: EN10204-3.2 Certificate ABS Class Agency Certification.

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