How to choose stainless steel instrument tube.

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With the implementation of China's reform and opening-up policy, the national economy has achieved rapid growth. In many cases, stainless steel pipe has more advantages, especially the thin-walled stainless steel pipe with a wall thickness of 0.6-1.2mm has been widely used in high-quality drinking water systems, the hot water system and water supply system engineering practice that put safety and hygiene first has proved that it is one of the best comprehensive performance, new energy-saving and environmentally friendly water supply system pipes. Because it has the irreplaceable advantages of other pipes, more and more applications will be used in the project, and the use will become more and more popular. So today, I would like to introduce to you how to correctly select and buy stainless steel pipe, I hope to help you.

First, before selecting stainless steel pipe, the use of stainless steel pipe and environment should be considered.

2. When using steel pipes, the material must meet the standards. Take the 304 material, for example.

1, can be acidic reagent testing. After 30 seconds, the material 304 unchanged color, 201 black;

2, carefully check whether the pipe surface is printed with "304" steel printing materials, and ask for the manufacturer's quality certificate as proof;

3, from the price analysis, if the price of 304 stainless steel pipe is even lower than the general price of 301 materials on the market, it should be carefully identified, may be other material fraud;

4, large-volume procurement, samples can be sent to the national authoritative testing center for chemical analysis.

Third, observe whether the outer surface and inner wall color of the tube is bright and smooth, the thickness is uniform or rough.

Welding pipes are generally not inspected, while seamless steel pipes are produced by cold pull or hot rolling. Improper operation during the production process, easy to cause pipe wall thickness is not equal and surface cracks, and rough surface generally means that seamless pipe is not polished. Appearance has no special requirements and does not affect use.

Fourth, when purchasing the selection of quality and technical supervision bureau assessment of excellent products.

V. When purchasing, be sure to choose a rolling tube with double skin, hemp point and rolling green line, especially to check whether the inner surface is smooth or not.

These are some tips for buying stainless steel tubes. The selection of high-quality stainless steel pipe not only has the advantages of safety, reliability, hygiene, environmental protection, and so on, but also has the economic applicability, can effectively reduce the production cost of the factory, improve economic efficiency. Company's products at home and abroad by engineering practice has proved to be one of the best new energy-saving and environmental protection water supplies at home and abroad. It is also a highly competitive water supply pipeline that will play an unparalleled role in improving water quality and people's living standards. Want to learn more about how stainless steel meter tube welcome customers to call inquiries!


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